Singing Tuition

Professional Vocal Coach

Specialising in Singing and Public Speaking

Having started her career in Musical Theatre, Nadia has over 35 years performance experience to draw from. She has been teaching for over 20 years, offering private tuition from her home studio in Brighton. A passionate and experienced performer, Nadia Strahan sings with an unmistakeable style, offering an eclectic mix of soulful delivery, funky, jazz tones and a great deal of humour and a passion for music. Now a well established artist, writing and performing with a variety of bands and was co-director of ORBIS PRODUCTIONS, an immersive theatre production company.

Offering private singing lessons for all ages. Teaching both novices and professionals and everyone in between. I can help you find your voice.

Lessons are tailored to each individual student to guarantee the best possible progress.

You will be guided through everything you need to know, from breathing and support, through to performance technique and studio recording.

My aim is to make singing feel both easy and enjoyable, using a range of fun and effective exercises to bring out the best in your voice, helping you sing safely and confidently.


ADULT 60 minutes – £50

CHILD (12 & under) 45 minutes – £40

First lesson is HALF PRICE


ADULT 60 minutes

£425 – 10 lessons

£250– 6 lessons

CHILD 45 minutes

£350 – 10 lessons

£200– 6 lessons

Areas Covered

Breathing * Vocal Placement * Vocal Registers * Vocal Range * Ear Training * Recording * Performance * Vocal Styles * Diaphragm Support * Confidence * Tone and Dynamics * Phrasing and Timing *

Genres Studied

Pop * Rock * Soul * Blues *Jazz  * Country

Folk * Reggae * Gospel * R&B * Musical Theatre

The lessons are catered to each individual. In the first lesson, I will get a strong idea of the areas you need or would like to work on and will focus the lessons around whichever area of training will benefit you most. Backing tracks and lyric sheets are provided, so all you need to bring to the lesson is yourself!

Discover the power of your own voice. Learn how to trust your ability to express your own feelings through music. I offer 1-2-1 singing lessons for all ages. You’ve already got the gift, I’ll help you unveil it……

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