Gaslight Productions presents Blue Heaven

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Gaslight Productions, the creators of the most talked about show in the Brighton Fringe 2018 ‘Mister Franks Cotton Club’ are back and will be transporting their audience to 1933 for one exclusive night only.


will be an immersive night of theatre, live music, DJ’s, dancing and gallons of moonshine….’

Often we invest in an evening with a theme of an era. Blue Heaven will offer something more. A chance to meet and observe the lives of bootleggers, gangsters and movie stars as they navigate the end of prohibition. There are scores to settle and plans to be made.

Join Opal St. Clair and Mamma Mo as they hatch their plans for revenge and the new illegal gin business.  During the evening you can kick back and soak up the stories, music and Lindy Hop dancing as well as the sumptuous now legal brews. But as we all know nothing lasts forever…